Cloud Thinking

I’ve been immersed in All-Palin/All The Time. I didn’t watch ‘the speech’. I looked at the pieces I could find that said what she actually did as mayor; particularly the e-mail from Ann Kilkenny, a Wasilla resident and frequent attendee at Town Board meetings. IMHO, that e-mail, which describes Mrs. Palin as a public official, written by a (relatively) dispassionate resident is the most telling piece of reporting I’ve seen. It’s here. To my mind, this is a portrait of an egotistical, vindictive individual. I also have a real problem with what’s going on with her daughter, Bristol. There is no way that this child actually had a choice whether to bear a child. But what puzzles me is whether her parents talked to her about abstinence, or contraception, or whether they knew she was having sex with her boyfriend. They describe it as a private family matter; then they put this pregnant 17-year-old on national television.

I am intensely interested in what the “troopergate” investigation will reveal. It is due toward the end of October. It is evident from Ann Kilkenny’s e-mail that Mrs. Palin feels justified in firing public servants when they do not do as she thinks they ought.

I don’t think she’s qualified for the office, regardless of the claims of the campaign and their counterclaims that she has as much experience as Mr. Obama.

I find it laughable that she thinks that if the pledge of allegiance was good enough for the founding fathers, it’s good enough for her, especially the part about ‘under God’.

It’s unnerving that she doesn’t know that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are private corporations. She’s been in public office long enough to know that.

This notion floated by the campaign that the press are piranhas and that she is due some deference is just wrong. Keeping her sequestered until they’ve had enough time to school her is ridiculous and they ought to be called on it. The press would call the campaign on it if she were a man. That is deeply offensive on so many levels.

I’m trying to learn more, and looking forward to her first interview with ABC later this week.

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