Getting the Car Fixed

One of the most important goals in your life should be to have a great mechanic and a good relationship with him/her.

yesterday was road trip day – early spring – the country is brown and the salt fog is diffused by the light to add a frosty glow to everything outside the windshield.  no smells yet.  saw an ewe with two lambs tootering along behind – one literally as white as snow (they had to be less than a day old) and the other black as pitch.  something about that gave me a jolt.

Leaves that have dried out in a sunny patch are blown across the roads, but they’re only partial leaves.  I check each one to make sure it’s not a live animal – the constant start makes life a bit more interesting.

Waiting for the car to be fixed in this morning’s sunlight, listening to ‘I think it’s going to work out fine’ (Cooder); an odd momentary peace envelops this picture, a tiny oasis in the turmoil and uncertainty, and once again I bless my mechanic.

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