We should rename our nation: The United States of Valdez.  We knew, or had reason to know that torture was being conducted in our name.  We ignored it or kept silent (me, too) and now that the facts have been published, we are vacillating on the issue of whether to investigate further or move on.  I say we should investigate.  As many have pointed out: we do try to be a nation of laws, which all should obey.  We ignore that principle at our peril.  Yes, it will be ugly, divisive and protracted.  Them’s the breaks.  Yes, we’re in a crisis and should be careful how we spend our energies.  But this is a core issue and goes to the heart of who we are as a people.  (my apologies to the cliche-ridden)

We’ve put up with mendacity and manipulation from our government for too long.  Call for change.

The other interesting questions: did torture make a difference (critical or otherwise, I’m not fussy)?  Was there one torture session that produced a piece of information that saved American lives that we could not possibly have produced any other way?  I’m still waiting for the ‘smoking gun’ piece of evidence.  What’s scary is that more and more, the willingness to torture on every level seems to have been connected to someone’s paranoia, native sadistic impulses, or impulse to wield power for its own sake.  I would like to see these people exposed.  This is how a democracy functions.

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