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Something Else on Its Mind

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Out on the bikepath for a consitutional.  It’s sports morning and minivan after SUV after crossover trail by disgorging appropriately-clad tykes.  No one walks in this town.  50 yards north of me I spot a raptor high in a tree.  It’s a sharp-shinned hawk, not a red-tail.  Haven’t seen the red-tails too much this year; not sure that’s a good sign.  Two goldfinches flit their way toward the hawk (above him and out of reach).  They’re just checking on the predator in the neighborhood and settle in the tree above him, ready to harass and distract.  Then he takes off, fast and straight to the south, crossing in front of me toward an outbuilding about 50 yards away and what I figure out in a moment is a morning dove.  The first pass misses, but he keeps on the bird which is in full-out avoid-mode.  What surprises me is that the second pass misses as well but he keeps on the chosen prey, pursuing, 10 feet behind.  Around a couple of houses and they emerge again, hunter and hunted, desperate.  Then the dove heads north in a straight line and they vanish over the trees about a quarter mile to the north.  I’ll never know what happened, or if there is an end.  This was just a chapter, unremarkable except that I saw it.  The tree in the forest.



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I am prop0sing a new word “BOISTERIA”.   There is a word already in play: Hysteria – over-the-top emotionalism.  The greek root ‘hysterikos’ is the word for ‘uterus’.  Roughly, the female organ is the progenitor of over-the-top emotionalism and is incontrovertibly female.  Except that most of what we see from such luminaries as Dick Cheney, Pat Buchanan, Mike Huckabee, etc. is essentially hysteria, but it’s time for the female implication to be removed from this behavior/attitude and recognize it for its essentially masculine roots.  So ‘BOISTERIA’ for boisterous and boy and steria.

Just The Facts

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Amity Shlaes writes in Bloomberg here that ‘leftwing bloggers’ are not being magnanimous in victory and are conducting ad-hominem attacks on such luminaries as Michele Bachmann of Minnesota, Bobby Jindal of Louisiana and George Will of The Washington Post (all three noted for their prudence).  She threw in Eric Cantor of Virginia for good measure.

The thing is: Bachman is just plain nuts and there is ample evidence of her remarks being inaccurate, wildly off the mark and prejudicial.  She is a joke.  There is no defense for this dotty behavior in public officials and it is time and past that Ms. Bachmann learns to keep her mouth shut if she has nothing constructive to add.

George Will’s fellows at The Washington Post have pointed out repeatedly that he is making statements that are at best misleading.

Ms. Shlaes seems to be applying the principal of repeating a falsehood often enough.  It’s fun to ignore the evidence and say what you think will work.  There is no arbiter of public truth on the internet.  Hence the shouting.