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sorry about the blurs on the left – this is derelict machinery  – about person-size in a massive complex that’s empty except for more gigantic still machines

on the right we have a machine which will fasten all the rivets in the body of a Boeing 737.  this one’s just about finished.  it’s about 25 feet tall.

we move on.


This is such an awesome idea!

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The junior senator from Minnesota wants to spend money to train dogs to work with wounded veterans; each dog costs about $25,000 to train.  THIS IS BRILLIANT!  We should so totally do this.

In other news, Tom Watson will do his best to get back to the British Open next year, despite the fact that the rules make it so that it will be the last year he can play because he’ll be 60 and they don’t let you play when you’re over 60.  Hmmm.

I have a new most-hated car model: the GMC Acadia, especially the white ones.  I have nothing against the vehicle – I’ve noticed them being driven stupidly and aggressively on several occasions.  Sometimes a car just attracts a certain type of buyer.

Death of a House – Part Quatre

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creative destruction?

creative destruction?

This is after the second assault.  The firemen are tickled to have this opportunity.  It’s right that they should.  There is an underlying delight here.  They stand around, communing, and planning.  Destroying this is fun, but part of their job, so it’s okay to enjoy the destruction.

Death of a House – Part Trois

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the insects gather

This is called ‘practice’.  Small fires are started and they learn how to put them out under controlled conditions; a cadaver for medical students.  I saw one when I was 19: an elderly woman.  You could pull the tendons in the top of her wrist and make her fingers move.  She was pickled in formaldehyde, which turned her organs into light gray rubber.  Her uterus was an oddly shaped balloon, connected in an odd way, but it would move in a 360.  She had been frail, but precise.

This cadaver is still vigorous, stout.  I hope it does not go quietly.

Death of a House – Part Deux

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now it's blind

now it's blind

This is killing by degrees.  Or maybe an attempt to keep out the worms that are attracted to corpses.  I think burning is next.  Someone wants to put a road here so that people can drive to their new ticky-tackies.

This is big

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It appears that Leon Panetta, has admitted (via post) after he denied (via news conference) that the CIA has not been completely forthcoming in its briefings to Congress.  That means there will be investigations, committees, etc.  It does not mean that anything will change.