Yes, People are freaking out

Everybody likes to be in control, except they’re not.  Frank Rich writes today (here) that there is a populist rage rising in the United States.  I agree that there’s a vein of racism in it, and also that the administration is right to steer the conversation away from that discussion; it’s no-win.  Once it gets started, you grant it life.  Rich then talks about the ‘rodeo clown’ (I think he’s more Pagliacci) and the rumor-mongering, mormonism, and the general fashion for whatever ‘ism’ you fancy today.

Too many Americans are impatiently waiting for results. It’s hard to argue that the stimulus package reviled by big government-loathers is a success when unemployment continues to rise and most Americans feel none of the incipient “recovery” spotted by Ben Bernanke. The potential dividends to be gained at the end of the protracted health care debate also remain, for now, an abstraction to many who have lost and are continuing to lose their jobs, their savings and their homes.

The best jobs and prospects are going to those with better educations.  I’m willing to say that the angriest are not that well-educated and feel that the 21st century is leaving them behind, and they will keep falling behind.  But they don’t seem to be interested in becoming educated.  And I’m being stupid here.

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