Back in April/May/June, DHS issued a report regarding the increased possibility of right-wing extremist violence.  Various persons decried the report, saying it painted an erroneous, deeply-damaging portrait of americans of a particular political stripe, who had real grievances.

The theme is “take back America”; speakers are publicly urging their audience to keep their guns, buy more guns and ammunition.  Noted at “think progress”  here.  I forget where the line is drawn regarding sedition, or incitement to riot.  There is, indeed, no point in curbing this speech; it would backfire.  Given current trends, however, this is likely to end in widespread violence.  In the meantime, there are some leaders in the US who should be speaking out against these notions.  They’re not, or at least not loudly and explicitly enough to bring anyone back to a semblance of reality.

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