Vampire Diaries

I am obsessed with this show.  I read the books and hated the so-called ending.  The show is very loosely based on the books – lifting names and general settings.

This week, I’m glad to see that Stefan is inching over to the dark side.  Bloodlust.  He’s been kind of predictable, which is the death of character.  They’ve been setting this up for the whole season; they have to make him do something new and interesting.  He’s shown an interesting intensity in staking Vicki and Noah (more enthusiasm than was seemly) and when he turned around and caught the stake that Alaric was firing at him.  He was also strangely enthusiastic in setting Ben on fire.  As his brother observed, he hasn’t been himself for a while now.  Let’s see what he does once he’s back on the hi-test.  It does make sense for him to ‘strong’ up for the fight to come, to protect Elena.  But the writers clearly want him to go over/close to the edge.  Damon can’t wait; at long last, he’s not the only bad guy.

They got rid of Frederick.  Hard to say what part Harper will play, but he’s a vampire who apologizes for killing.  Pearl is 560+ years old? Does that mean that Anna is also 500+ years old.  And why does her mother boss her around so much?  There’s some rebellion in the air.

Alaric is one of my favorites.  Matt Davis is doing a great job with him: stoic, shrewd, brave (just about the bravest).  Lots of grief in him – to know that the woman he loved left him for eternal youth.  Now he’s met her daughter and it’s hard to say how he feels toward Elena.  He must be hoping that Elena will pull Isobel back into Mystic Falls, and as the show goes, that must happen.  They’ll have to have an Elena/Isobel/Alaric confrontation.  And who is Elena’s father?  HMMM.  Will they pull in a new character (we know that David Anders is showing up as Elena’s uncle), or name a current character (maybe the mayor) as the culprit.  And is Isobel revenge-minded?

So how did the brothers become vampires?  It had to have happened very soon after the church was burned, while they still had Katherine’s blood in their systems.  In the books, the brothers kill each other; that’s a backstory they’ll have an opportunity to deal with.  Also, have to get back into what Stefan was up to in order to prompt the conflagration and why everyone blames him.  What did they do when they were first turned?  They had to have known what they had to do to survive as vampires.  Whom did they murder first?  How did they get away with it?  Were they both vicious killers, or did they manifest as they are now?  Why did Stefan decide to live on animal blood, since it’s now clear that human blood does something strange to him?

It looks as though Tyler Lockwood is going to turn into a werewolf next week, and beat the crap out of his friend Matt.  So much for friendship when you’re under the influence of hormones.  I don’t really see that they need this extra complication right now.  I could be wrong.

Eventually, Katherine is going to show up.  Maybe she’ll stroll into town arm in arm with Isobel.  We have to figure out how all of that happened.  She’ll just turn Damon inside out all over again.  He’ll try to spurn her; that will last five minutes.

Bonnie has Emily’s grimoire now and probably her grandmother’s as well.  It’ll be interesting if they let her be something other than goofy.

Jeremy and Elena are another post.

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