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Random Thoughts on a Sunday Morning

Posted in Uncategorized on May 9, 2010 by a4synapse

I spend the first two (or so) waking hours just figuring out who I am today.  I finally figured out that watching Sunday morning talking heads is a VERY BAD IDEA.  Mostly because they’re prognosticating and there is precious little new information in the conversation if one has been following the news that week.  What puzzles me (more or less continuously) is the relationship between history as currently interpreted, and the near future, is the hubris involved.  Yeah, yeah, the past is prologue, but damn, new stuff happens.

Derby Day

Posted in Uncategorized on May 1, 2010 by a4synapse

Calvin Borel wins on the rail in the mud.  Redux.  Who do I like?  In no particular order: Lookin’ at Lucky, Super Saver, Jackson Bend, Paddy O’Prado, Dublin, Sidney’s Candy.  Also like Stately Victor and Devil May Care.  I bet Lucky, Saver and Bend to win.  I will regret that.  Hoping I don’t jinx him, I think Lookin’ at Lucky will take it.  Can’t overlook Super Saver with Calvin Borel in the mud.  I especially like Jackson Bend, partly because he’s little and gritty.

So, there…  I would love it if Devil May Care wins.  Anything can happen, but I hope that all come back well and healthy.