Here Comes The Night

As the evening comes on, it’s low-hanging clouds and warm for fall, with a light breeze.  There’s heavy weather on its way from the midwest.  We won’t get the worst of it, but there are motorcycles on the main road (somehow they sound different in the humid, heavy air) working hard to get in the last ride before the weather closes in.  Knowing it will get violent changes priorities and I become tense.  Have I done that?  How bad will it get?

I usually love storms.  I worked in the Adirondacks in the summer for a while.  There was a porch on a second floor overlooking a lake.  Those storms were violent – thunder, wind, lightning.  Perched safely under the roof with it coming down was delicious.  Watching it come at me across the wide, black, pitching water was the apotheosis of anticipation.

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