Buy a fuel-efficient vehicle: Help national security.

An article in the Washington Post this morning (even though I’m hating the paper, I do read it) about Americans and their automobile-purchasing proclivities – they want big SUV’s.  The article goes on to moan about how the guvmint hollers about buying more efficient vehicles, but Americans just want their big, gas-hog ‘go – anywhere’  vehicles.

The article mentions the Prius in passing as the ‘darling’ of the eco-minded.

I believe that the U.S.’s vulnerability to the price of oil is a national security risk.  It is also the pin in the grenade that is the conflict between Israel, the Palestinians, Syria and Lebanon.  The U.S. spends trillions on its wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and more trillions on the defense budget.  If Americans ever stopped spending money on SUV’s and cut back on their oil consumption in a meaningful fashion, it would mean less spending on war and defense.  Just sayin’.

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