I only watch the first 66%

I have of late, but wherefore I know not, lost all my mirth.

somewhere in Hamlet (the Shakespeare version) and also in ‘Hair’.

Look it up if you must, but it is there.  It is disturbing to discover that in watching my favorite movies, I am only really entertained and interested by the first 2 acts (out of three).  ‘Casino Royale’?  I lose interest after that first real kiss, and find I cannot bear to watch the scenes in Venice.  ‘Iron Man’? I love the opening and am very fond of the scenes in the cave with Yinsen and the play of that nascent relationship.  Also love when he’s building the man.  ‘Avatar’?  After the ‘Tree of Wishes’ sentimentality, I’m gone.  The battles, the confrontations with villains, the exhortations and shouting and gritted teeth: just not interested.

Does this mean I’ve lost my zest for life?  Nuh unh.  It just means I’m no longer interested in denouement, or someone else’s notion of a good ending.  I am interested in discovery, development, that ineffable twist of fate.  (Wait, can a twist of fate BE ineffable?)  NO.  We only know it’s a twist of fate once we pinpoint it as such and then it’s completely effable.

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