First Hummingbird of the Season!!!

Spotted a male at the feeder just now. They are such amazing little birds. Then I had to shoo the cat away. He knows the rule: MICE ONLY. He has taken to watching video on the laptop with me. As soon as he hears a voice, he comes around to see what’s on. He tries to bite the moving birds (either peregrine falcons or redtails).

Equispace here has a really neat chart of how the Derby was run. Please note that Animal Kingdom ran the last 4 furlongs in 47-1/5, which is second only to Secretariat. I think the final time was 2:02 & 2/5, which is fairly average. Secretariat’s record was 1:59 & 2/5, which if you think a second is five lengths, would have put him 15 lengths in front of Animal Kingdom.

This very cool chart shows the position of each horse at each call and produces a good visual of running styles. It also gives a sobering picture of where Comma to the Top might have suffered his injury.

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