Saturday, Saturday

I’ve always thought the program for Saturdays and Sundays should be changed; Saturday should be the universal day off and church day and Sunday should be the running around, getting things done day. Won’t happen.

One of my favorite horses, Jackson Bend won the James Marvin (7f) at Saratoga yesterday in a smashing time, just 2 ticks off the track record. Happy. He did it in style, too, coming up the rail and dominating after a killer pace.

Amy Winehouse has died in London from as yet unknown causes, but probably due to drugs and alcohol.

Hundreds of thousands in Syria demonstrated against the Assad regime. Momentum is building here; hope it continues.

A very good horse, Rewilding, died on the track at Ascot this morning. It’s part of racing, but it’s heartbreaking.

The United States is currently being governed by a rump party that doesn’t understand economics and finance; it is blindly following some malicious and stupid people based on a lot of slogans.

James Fallows at The Atlantic has a piece on Jennifer Rubin (at the Washington Post) and her comments on the mass murder/terrorism in Norway. She immediately published her notion that it was Al Qaeda-related and that there is no letup in the fight against terrorism (including how money must be spent on the effort). That’s one thing and she’s a known axe-grinder. As events have developed, however, Al Qaeda had nothing to do with it. She has neither withdrawn nor corrected her early remarks. That is the worst kind of laziness and is tantamount to dishonesty. Any journalist or public figure should withdraw or correct their public remarks if proven wrong. Fallows’ remarks are here.

The debt-limit showdown continues and gets worse (in terms of limiting options) and more damaging (markets and the rest of the world think we’re massively stupid). Sadly, it’s hard to counter that belief with the evidence.

Looking forward to the Coaching Club American Oaks at Saratoga. Bet on It’s Tricky.


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