Wait For It….

I refer you to a compelling comment on what our President may, or may not, but up to: here. This is one point of view; Drew Westen is especially hard on Obama for failing to stand up to Republican bullies (they really are, and they’re ignorant in the bargain). The other point of view is that he’s playing a very long game on the grounds that the U. S. public is like the Exxon Valdez and will take some very hard lessons and a long time to change its collective mind. I usually see this on ‘The Dish’, expressed as ‘meep, meep’. I still haven’t made up my mind, which I view as a personal failing.

Another shrewd piece of commentary comes from Mark Cuban here, regarding the state of U. S. Patent Laws. They’ve been a mess for a long time (as are copyright laws), and recent legislation has worsened the situation. Mr. Cuban maintains that patent trolls, who are enabled by such laws, are using the courts to enrich themselves, and are diverting corporate funds and effort from job-creation. Yes.

So, I am watching the effect of the current heat dome and its record-breaking effect on the South with 100+ degree days and 105+ degree days on the Bible Belt’s notions on Climate Change.  I am wondering when the faithful will realize that profligate use of energy and denial of the evidence, is wiping out lives, livelihoods, and a way of life. Then I am wondering when the pendulum will swing from denial to vicious and extreme prosecution of energy-saving measures. Can you say ‘whiplash’?

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