Sunday Morning

Traditionally, this is the space in which we take stock, consider,  reassess, change or plan to/for. It needs to be quiet and uncrowded. Many of us go to a public convocation of sorts and listen to an accredited person tell us what we should do/be doing/thinking. This has roots that are probably evolutionary and probably inescapable. We probably need to glom on to a group for our own personal preservation.

I was raised in a tradition that was once ‘conservative’ and is now ‘liberal’. And ‘the child is father to the man.’ In America’s current debate, lines have blurred or swapped perspective altogether. I still know what I think, but I don’t want to identify or be identified with the current ‘camps’ but that doesn’t make me an ‘independent’.

Economic, political and social turmoil have confused the hell out of everyone. Technological change has outpaced our ability to understand and cope with that change even as it has enabled our ability to change in order to cope. There is no longer a clear line indicating who is with us and who is against us. We are falling back on old words and the old words are failing us; we are coalescing along what used to be tribes. It’s not working. We even know it’s not working.

‘May you live in interesting times.’ is an ancient Chinese curse.

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