Because The Night

Belongs to lovers.  Because the night belongs to us.

The moon is just past full.  A clear line marches across the lawn: the 50-year-old pine next door is responsible, but I have to walk out across the soft grass to understand where it lurks.

We spend no time with out the night and just the night. Still, as silent as it becomes now. Hums, whistles, machines in the murk.

I went out to the front, meaning to spend the moments staring out. Frank surprised me: coming out of the darkness in his white cloak. Here I am.

How delighted I am you’ve come to join me. Let me roll in pleasure here with you.

Open yourself to this, let it come in and be you.

Walk out with it, embrace it.

We spend no time with the night, but it waits for us regardless.

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