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Extra Long Walk This Morning

Posted in Uncategorized on August 19, 2012 by a4synapse

The puppies demanded it (well, they might have known in advance). We normally go about 3/4 of a mile in a wide open field. It’s been mowed so its subtle contours are showing, which is nice. There is a flock of starlings that lights and then frights, cycling through every few minutes. The dogs are both in a good mood, ambling along the path left by the ATV’s and dirtbikes. The sight of their swaying butts with tails aloft helps my mind adjust to the day.

This morning, we left the field on the other side, crossed the road and did some exploring along the old railroad right-of-way. The railbed itself was converted to a bikepath almost ten years ago and it’s heavily used by walkers and bikers; their voices drift over the thick hedgerow though they themselves are hidden from sight. It’s rough ground here and the deeper ruts harbor water from the rain of two days’ past. A rabbit starts and I am happy I kept Glynnis on the lead. She wouldn’t have caught it; the undergrowth is too thick, but it would have taken some effort to get her back. Then we come out where there is a large soybean planting, which backs up onto a larger corn planting. All looks like it’s flourishing. We turn back.

Both of them love to play in the water, be it ever so dirty. But they also just love trotting along and being a dog.

Back home, it’s time for a nap in the sunny spot on the rug.


Talking to Voters (Potential and Otherwise)

Posted in Uncategorized on August 15, 2012 by a4synapse

I spent three hours yesterday in a campaign outpost making calls and talking with whoever answered the phone. I said my name and that I was calling with ‘x’ campaign. Roughly 60% hung up the phone or indicated in various other ways that they had no wish to talk. It’s August: campaign definition and awareness begins now. It’s a new (they’re all new, now) district. This candidate is running in a district where the registration is heavily against. There is an incumbent advantage and it’s probable that money will stack up fairly evenly. There is also a chance that this district will attract national SuperPAC spending, which would erase those two slim advantages (maybe).

Talked to a couple of idealogues and one demagogue. I was surprised, occasionally by intelligent, open-minded individuals. That makes it three hours well spent. There is a lot of conversation; it’s still hard to find a good discussion.