Less than a month before the election. Everyone has an opinion; why not? New polls nearly every day. Known road markers are the veep debate, and the two presidential debates. I agree that Romney was on his game for the first; I’m not sure what it means. I do feel that anyone who changed their opinion of this election based on the debate is not paying attention to long term trends in this country. The most objectionable opinion I’ve read is the one(s) about how maybe Obama doesn’t want the job anymore. To which I say: you have no clue what he deals with; so STFU.

W. M. Romney is the zelig candidate: the nowhere man.

There is only one poll that matters; it’s semi-amusing to read the hand-wringing prognostication that fills web pages every day. It’s also becoming tendentious and self-fulfilling on most sites. It’s like watching someone scratch their excema.

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