Mendacious Mitt

We’re in the final sixteenth of the race to the election. I am, sometimes to my sorrow, a high information voter. I read the wonkies and try to understand statistics, probability and the laws that govern our elections.

There is something affectionately named: low-information voter or ‘late-decider’. As of this post, many polls of varying respectability show that the race is tied or within the margin of error nationwide. What interests me and shows a distressing carelessness, is that a nationwide poll (and it doesn’t matter if they’re registered or likely voters) is irrelevant, and this ought to be stated at the top of the article.

Tied: 50% feel one way, 50% feel the other. And I think I speak  for everyone: Half of the respondents are completely ignorant and wrong. If the other guy wins, we’re on the road to disaster. Only X can save us.

Only we can save us. That’s where the ‘demo’ in democracy comes from. Having spent considerable time attending local government events, I can say with some authority that 80-90% of the persons who attend local government have no clue how government works.

The Romney campaign has promulgated two lies that it demonstrably feels will garner votes among the low information late deciders.

1. The Obama administration sold Chrysler to Fiat and the Fiat-Chrysler corporation is planning to relocate Jeep production to China.

2. The Obama administration has eliminated the ‘work’ part from the welfare to work equation that originated in the Clinton administration.

This guy lies if he thinks it will get him what he wants. So vote for him. He’ll tell you what he thinks you want to hear.

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