More Shouting – How was god involved?

You may recall  that in the run-up to the Republican convention in Tampa that there was a lot of praying involved to change the course of Isaac so that it didn’t wipe out the convention completely. As it was, the convention opened a day late and a victory for prayer was proclaimed. The subtext here: ‘god is on our side’.

Karl Rove, inimitable and irrepressible, claimed that Sandy, the second hurricane to appear in the republican narration of this election, impeded the ‘big mo’ of the Romney campaign and this led to defeat at the polls in critical swing states (never mind that it was necessary for so many reasons and the only cosmetically safe thing for the campaign to do). Has it occurred to anyone that god may have been expressing an opinion through Isaac and Sandy?

There is no disputing that Republicans/Conservatives have been living in a fact bubble, and that this, more than anything led to defeat at the polls. My question: what will it take to burst the bubble and reengage nearly 45% of the American public in political discussion that will help us to resolve our issues as a nation?

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