Updates on Baby Falcons

Dad just fed them and they’re cuddling underneath him.  Sometimes he drifts off, but mostly he’s looking around.  He’s probably keeping an eye on Mom who’s doing the hunting.  The nestlings snug up to each other face forward to keep warm.  They’re nine days old now and have roughly doubled in size to the point where he can’t keep them completely covered.  He does this waggle dance to get as much of them underneath him as possible.  Their eyes are watching now, learning how to be falcons.  They have really big feet.  Under the white fluff, you can see seams of dark where feathers are developing.  One of them keeps turning his head to pick at his butt.  It probably itches.  They hold their heads much better now and can get around on their feet.  They keep shifting the pile and now when they do that, he gets moved around.  He has this zen thing going on: sitting on the kids, keeping them warm, and staring out on the weather.  They do another interesting thing: after he feeds, they do this projectile shitting.  The box is beginning to be covered with white poop streaks.  Why do birds poop white?

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