Drugs, Mexico, & Guns

This is scattershot.  End the drug war.  Legalize drugs.  If you want to kill yourself or remove yourself from general reality,  go ahead, but leave the rest of us out of it.  Part of the reason that Mexicans cross the southern border of the United States is to gain a better life for themselves.  This is a universal aspiration.  It’s reasonable to ask then, what is so rotten about life in Mexico?  No jobs or safe places to live?  No education?  No meaningful path to a better life?  These are reasons to risk death, ruination, and maltreatment.

Secretary of State Clinton publicly apologized for the downstream effect of the drug war on Mexico’s culture and economy.  The border states of Mexico are ruled by a shadow government of drug lords.  Transparent government is long gone.  The levels of cruelty and violence have escalated beyond imagining.  This leads to instability and instability leads to economic regression.  Any reasonable person must conclude that the only sensible response is flight.

It is time and past to legalize so-called ‘illegal drugs’, and eliminate the flood of money that accrues to the hyper-violent and that is costing the U. S. Government stupid amounts of money in a demonstrably futile effort to keep Americans from consuming banned substances because they don’t like reality very much.

We could spend the money on teachers.  People would not feel the need to defend themselves against a stream of humanity.

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