Yes, I’m a puzzle addict. The first I remember was a square wooden puzzle. Word puzzles (if the yellow house is next to the house where the dogs live, what house is next to that?). Beat Tetris, beat Mario Bros. Terrible at Space Invaders, although it cost $ to play. Sudoku regular and sudoku with the 16 squares. Was never able to solve Rubik’s, but never tried really. Quit sudoku; quit snood; can’t quit spider solitaire, though. It just keeps dragging me back in.

Someone thinks that Tetris addiction stems from our need for order. I’ll go along with that. But I know that it is rooted in the deep-seated need to control. What interests me is the tickle in my mind, usually while waiting for something. It’s impossible to control sometimes, and it’s abetted by the ease of opening a game.

NYT front page: NY Islanders to Brooklyn (yay!), credit card breach at Barnes & Noble (is nothing sacred?), gloomy notes on the election and the risk of destroying middle class living standards, and an unarmed man was shot to death by a neighbor: because he was in the neighbor’s garage at the time, no charges were brought.

This drives me to solving puzzles. I know that’s a sorry excuse. At least I’m paying attention.

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